Kenneth’s brother Charles calls him with a plea: “My crazy ex-wife Labelle has obtained full custody of the children! I’m not allowed to visit, so could you make sure they’re doing alright?”

The word “crazy” strikes Kenneth as dangerous. Lots of strange things have been going on. He decides to call up his friend Charlotte Rousseau, who invites Virginia the Robster Mobster along for some muscle.

When they arrive at Labelle’s house, Charlie, a friend of Charlotte’s, is soliciting the inhabitants, trying to sell them 25 or maybe even 26 karot diamond rings. Maybe an Egyptian bible.

The group hears no response from the house. After lots of knocking, they find that the door is unlocked and enter. They see a creepy painting of a large man next to a symbol that strikes the party as familiar, although none of them can remember where they saw it last.


The party heads upstairs and sees four paintings of creepy mannequins.

Scratch that. Three paintings and one window. The mannequin creature pursues the party. They attempt to flee the house but find that the stairs no longer lead to the first floor.

They enter into a strange chamber with four doors. One leads to an enormous well, another to an enormous fireplace, one to a conical room, and one to a long corridor with a large metal door.

After killing the first creature, the second kidnaps Charlotte. The party goes upstairs in pursuit and finds that Charlotte is now within one of the paintings. They proceed.

When the party is in the childrens’ room, Charlotte rejoins.

Plot twist! It’s not the real Charlotte. They find a mannequin creature that is really Charlotte, and give her her body back. She kinda flips out.

After more exploring the group goes upstairs, which leads to the first floor, but different.

There they see that the symbol from before has replaced the eyes of the large mannequin painting. They also see a painting of Labelle crying.

They discover a peaceful mannequin on the ceiling and decide that it is Labelle.

When the painting Labelle emerges from her portrait, the party forces it into contact with the mannequin and Labelle is returned to normal. After some drama, she is reunited with her ex-husband and children.

The party discovered a mysterious book in a Latin cipher in the children’s bedroom. They brought it to Miskatonic University for decoding.

Call of Cthulhu- He Who Waits

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